Jeff's Page
This page was last updated: 5/1/2020

Dear Friends,

It has been a very strange time here.  It has sometimes been super busy. Usually the winter months are pretty slow.  Joanne has had both knees replaced.  Some nursing on my part and lots of physical therapy for her.  She is doing just great.  Much less pain and discomfort, and moving in the right direction.  I am bumping along as usual.  We are currently laying low and trying to avoid the Caronavirus.  So far doing well.  Our friend Linda has been a great help getting us through the mess.  I am starting to think this virus, while deadly, isn't what it is purported to be. Our snow is gone.  Our yard crew finished spring cleanup this week and hints of buds are on the trees.

I started a new project the first of the year.  I wrote an autobiography.  Thanks to a company in Australia, I had an outline, typed like crazy and will be sending it to the publisher today. I am doing this for my son and grand children.  The company will edit and publish the work.  It will be a private publication.

While that is in the works, I am creating an addendum to the book, which details my strongest memories. I continue to add as I recall more things.

I am spending lots more time on the computer, as it keeps me from going batty.  I am also listening to music.  A martini at 5 mellows me and perhaps keeps the virus away.

I hope you keep well.


When I grow too old to dream - Vera Lynn