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This page was last updated: 4/1/2021

Midnight with the stars and you
Ray Noble Orchestra

Dear Friends,

Most of the snow around the house has melted, perhaps a frozen 18 inch high drift on the patio remains.  Despite my misgivings about the virus shots, we got our second dose a couple of days ago.  Nothing seems different.

We continue to stay close to home and be careful it is the best we can do now.  My usual winter routine of reading has been replaced by my new mania.  Years of collected stuff that needed sorting, disposing, cataloging and properly storing.  Old photos particularly.  I have digitized many.  It has been amazing to find things that I forgot about 35 years ago.  They no longer have value as technology has far eclipsed their usefulness.  Out with the old and hopefully not to be replaced with more stuff.  Things have been moved from Michigan, to Rhode Island, then to Norfolk, then to DC.  Joanne added here stuff and it was then moved to Georgia, back to DC, then to New Hampshire.  We thought we slimmed it down with the move here.  This project is nearly complete. 

We still have contractors here doing improvements to the inside of the house, making spaces more usable and accessible.

I am purchasing a used golf cart.  Arriving tomorrow.  I am unable to golf, but will get me mobility around the neighborhood.

Stay safe.