Jeff's Page
This page was last updated: 1/12/2020

Dear Friends,

The New Year is off to a roaring start. Joanne and I are still managing.  She will have both knees replaced, one next week and then the other in either February or March. She is hoping to get in better shape so her recovery from the surgeries is quick. I still manage to gimp around albeit slowly and wobbly.  BP and sugar is well managed.  Will get a cataract removed in the spring.

Our winter here has been really odd.  We have had snow, then warm, then rain, then more snow.  The Ski slopes are doing OK, but unless we get a ton of snow this month and February, it wont be a banner year.

I started a new project the first of the year.  I am writing an autobiography.  Thanks to a company in Australia, I have an outline and am typing like crazy.  I am doing this for my son and grand children.  The company will edit and publish the work.  I hope to have it published by the end of February.  

I have been getting pretty good at making PowerPoint presentations.  It keeps me out of the bars and the snow.

Back to reading and listening to music by the fire.  A martini at 5.

I hope you keep well.


Adagio - from The Secret Garden