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This page was last updated: 4/14/2019

The Air that I Breathe
The Hollies
Dear Friends,

Tax Day is upon us.  Seems like we just did this a few months ago. My taxes have been filed by the accountant.  Normally I do them myself, but this year, due to a complicated capital gains situation, I decided on professional help.  It could have been much worse, but the new tax laws saved me a fair amount.  I was not happy writing a check to the Government.  Our snow is starting to melt.  I can see the pavement on the driveway for the first time in months.  Living this far north and in the mountains has its advantages, but the winters are long, dark, snowy and cold.  Summers are amazing as are the fall colors.  I did not venture south for some warmth at all this year.  Daylight is longer and my 5:30 am get up time is sun filled.

Joanne is going to Florida for a visit with her dad next month.  I will remain here and cat sit.

I still enjoy my 5 pm martini, finishing my reading for the winter and my new friend, Netflix.

I hope you are all well.