Jeff's Page
This page was last updated: 12/12/2019

Dear Friends,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  This year has seemingly flown past at a record pace.  Joanne and I are still managing.  She will have both knees replaced one in January and then the other in either February or March.  She still manages to swim 5 times a week, volunteer at the animal shelter 3 hours on 3 days, teaches her dance class at the senior center one morning a week and works with her professional trainer once or twice a week.  She is hoping to get in better shape so her recovery from the surgeries is quick. I still manage to gimp around albeit slowly and wobbly.  BP and sugar is well managed.  Will get a cataract removed in the spring.

We went to Virginia over Thanksgiving.  The kids and grandkids are doing fine.  The little ones are growing up quickly.  We visited with friends while there.  Delta Airlines was wonderful in getting me down to Virginia and home.

I have been getting pretty good at making PowerPoint presentations.  It keeps me out of the bars and the snow.

Back to reading and listening to music by the fire.  A martini at 5.

I hope you keep well.