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This page was last updated: 6/29/2019

Neither time nor distance
Dear Friends,

The days and months seem to slip by so quickly.  I think perhaps that is due to my advancing age.  Finally, we are getting some warm weather, but up here in the mountains, that is the 80's.  We seem to be doing well.  I have been on Nutrisystem for a couple of months and am losing weight steadily.  My blood pressure and diabetes is much improved.  We are expecting the kids and grand kids for a visit in a few weeks, Joanne will be off on a trip after that, then we both will join friends on the coast of Maine for a visit once school starts again.  Our town is filling with tourists and they are hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, fishing and all sort of summer stuff.

I am still enjoying our little home in the forest, and my 5 PM martini. (not good for the diet)

I hope you are all well.