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This page was last updated: 10/21/2020

I  Know I'll never love this way again
Carl Doy
Dear Friends,

As the days of the year keep racing by me, the seasons seen to change more rapidly than ever before.  Despite a rather dry late summer and fall, the leaves have never been more spectacular.  Joanne and I continue to be ever watchful to avoid the virus lurking about.  We do not hibernate, but have reduced our daily routines off the reservation.

We have taken this time to get upkeep projects done on the estate.  We also have been getting caught up on things like eyes, teeth and ears.  Joanne's new knees are doing great, my vision is much improved since the cataract surgery.  I will be getting hearing aids very soon.  It will be a new me when you are visiting now.  For you probably thought I was ignoring you, by smiling and nodding inappropriately and generally a seeming dimwit.  That was because I was deaf as a post.  I tried reading lips, but with the virus and all the face masks it was impossible.  I guess some of my Navy years and some of that time in a 3 inch gun mount, many years of firing weapons on the range during my ATF days, and days on the range as an explosives handler blowing things up took a severe toll.  Profound hearing loss, they tell me.

No visits this year with the kids and grandkids is a bummer, but best for all I guess.

Soon the winter season will blow into our valley and the long and cold period will cause me to again curl up by the fire, dust off my Kindle and begin my reading frenzy.  My new tuner/amp will also allow me to listen to my favorite music through 6 speakers whilst I sip my evening cocktails before dinner.  Perhaps the music won't be so loud with the new ear attachments.

Keep safe and healthy.