Jeff's Page
This page was last updated: 3/12/2023

Dear Friends,

It has been a long while since I updated this site.  We are still doing ok for old folks.  Lots of doctor visits and stuff, but we a puttering along.

The kids and grandkids are doing well and flourishing and getting older.

Winter seemed to miss us this year, but recently it caught up and we have been inundated with lots of snow.  Luckily or snow removal contract is in force, and we have been plowed regularly.

The biggest storm so far was last Saturday, as Joanne was driving to the airport to get to Florida.  It was a mess, but she finally made it and has since returned home.  A big nor'easter is due here in a couple of days and could mean a foot more of snow.

Despite the dicey winter conditions, we still love our place in the north.

Until later,



Thanks to Life