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I know him so well
Carl Doy (pianist)
Dear Friends,

Once Labor Day is over, I know that fall will quickly follow.  I already notice a change in the bushes and trees.  The abundant ferns are beginning to die, the light through the trees is much different now.  No leaf color changes yet.  We need a break from the summer crowds before the leaf lookers descend on us. Moderate temps, low humidity, fresh air and quiet is why I moved to the middle of nowhere NH.  Despite the long, cold but beautiful winters it is a bargain.

Joanne recently returned from Florida, where she helped put on a surprise birthday party for her step mother.  Before she left, I managed injure my foot.  It is well on the mend. Once school is back in session we will join friends for our fall trip to the beautiful coast of Maine near Boothbay Harbor.  It is always a relaxing and refreshing time.  A dose of sea air to an old sailor is welcome.

I am still enjoying our little home in the forest, and my 5 PM martini. (not good for the diet)

I hope you keep well.