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Winter Wonderland
Carl Doy
Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas

As the days of the year keep racing by me, the seasons seen to change more rapidly than ever before.  Am I the only one who is getting a bit grumpy over this Covid stuff?  More and more of our friends are somehow getting ill with the bug.  Despite taking precautions, they seem to find the filthy critter.

We have taken this time to get upkeep projects done on the estate.  We also have been getting caught up on things like eyes, teeth and ears.  Joanne's new knees are doing great, my vision is much improved since the cataract surgery.  I finally pulled some money from my mattress and got some state of the art hearing aids.  I must say they are a miracle.  I didn't realize that they would make such a difference.

Our Thanksgiving dinner party was put off due to some Covid infections and some other health issues.  Joanne prepared a bacon wrapped turkey breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, sausage stuffing, cornbread casserole, candied yams and all the other stuff.  It was then taken to our guests who couldn't come and join us.

No visits this year with the kids and grandkids is a bummer, but best for all I guess.

Soon the winter season will blow into our valley and the long and cold period will cause me to again curl up by the fire, dust off my Kindle and begin my reading frenzy.  My new tuner/amp will also allow me to listen to my favorite music through 6 speakers whilst I sip my evening cocktails before dinner.  Perhaps the music won't be so loud with the new ear attachments.

Keep safe and healthy.