Southwest Chief - California or Bust
The Chief swept southwest  through Illinois, then Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and finally California.  The compartment was very adequate in most respects.  The dining car was up a spiral staircase and some distance away, not handy for the handicapped, so we opted for room service again for meals.  After a good dinner, we were ready to sleep.  Jesus made up the bunks and we soon were oblivious to the sounds and movements of the train and slept much better.

The scenery on day 2 was better, good views of southern Colorado and then the climb to Raton Pass and through the Raton tunnel.  Exiting that we were in New Mexico.  Mesas and mountains abound and we were treated to viewing a desert thunderstorm and resulting rainbow.  By this time our rear ends were tired from sitting and after another fine dinner, we slept.  We arrived on time in Los Angeles, where again whisked from the train by another great Red Cap and put in the Amtrak lounge to await our train to Oceanside. 
A final word about the journey
The question most people ask, "would you do it again?"  It was a great experience, I was more than pleased with Amtrak and the folks along the way.  Perhaps if I was more mobile, I would try another route and do it again.  I accomplished two bucket list items, the rail journey and visiting my good friends.  Joanne was a trooper and I could not have done it alone.  Thanks to her, the folks who helped along the way and our friend Linda D., who saw that we got to Boston and home from the airport.  Email me or call me about the ins and outs, ups and downs and side by side of train adventures.  BTW- We flew home.....